Children's Concerts

Every February since 1999, the Indian River Symphonic Association, together with the Brevard Symphony Orchestra, has presented Children’s Concerts for all fifth graders in Indian River County.   Attendance averages over 1500, including approximately 100 teachers, with two concerts given back to back to accommodate the large audience.

To prepare the students for their musical field trip, information about the orchestra and its conductor, soloists, instruments, composers, and the music featured in the program, is supplied to all teachers in advance of the concert. On the day of the concert, children are bussed to the church to hear the full Brevard Symphony Orchestra perform an hour-long program under the direction of Maestro Christopher Confessore. The program is designed to be interactive as well as educational, and the students actively participate in the event. Many have never heard a live orchestra and are amazed at the sound of so many instruments playing together.

We get letters…

"The performance went all the way to the bottom of my heart."
"The harp sounded like angels floating up into the clouds."
"I thought the concert was fanomical."
"My favorite instrument, the cello. Your soul can really sink into this instrument."
What did you learn about the orchestra?  "That pop is not the best type of music."
"I am so glad I went.  It was the best music I've ever heard.  I loved that field trip, even better than Sea World!"

The cost of the concerts and transportation of the students is supported by generous donations from supporters of the Indian River Symphonic Association who recognize that early exposure to a live orchestral performance can inspire an important and vital interest in good music, as the above quotes demonstrate. They inspire, too, an appreciation of the musicians who dedicate their lives to sharing their talents with audiences.

If you would like to sponsor, or join in the sponsorship of these wonderful and important concerts please contact our office at (772) 778-1070.  Or if you would like to make any donation to the Symphonic Association to help us to continue these concerts, see donate button below.

Your gifts and generosity help us to continue these very special concerts,
exposing young people to the live sound of a symphony orchestra,
and nurturing their appreciation and love of good music.

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